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Mission Statement

We seek to create a safe and secure environment where students and teachers can learn together. In partnerships with school, parent and community, we seek to foster an educational program that encourages our students to strive toward their full potential in all academic areas.

We seek in our vision to develop healthy, responsible and productive citizens who have an appreciation for the world, the diversity of its people and environment.

About our School

Middle School 45 was established in the early 1900’s to serve the Belmont community as it continues to do today.

Our school is made up of several smaller mini-schools, preps and academies, with each school organized around a particular theme.

In effect, one might say that MS 45 is many schools within a single school. This concept allows students and teachers to work closely with each other.

This closeness, we believe, leads to better learning and a more cohesive community of teachers and students.