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Academy Mini-School

The theme of the mini-school is to examine and implement skills that teach students to become thoughtful writers. The student's writing is centered around broadcasting and print journalism, news publishing, editing and technological learning.

Aurora Academy

The Aurora Academy was established in 1985 as an enrichment program designed for students from a Spanish background; who are qualified and interested in maintaining their cultural identity while making the transition into the American mainstream of life.  Students in this program are exposed to advanced math and science courses as well as the use of a computer lab.

Horizon Mini-School

This mini-school strives to provide its students with a highly academic curriculum which will enable them to make a transition into the mainstream of American life.  The program incorporates intensive math and science training.

Discovery & Voyager Mini-Schools 

Special Education is comprised of a variety of students who experience either learning disabilities or emotional dysfunction.   The main goal is to insure that all students be educated in the least restrictive and most productive environment, regardless of their handicapping condition.

Environmental Mini-School

The mini school has established an on going collaboration with the educational services of the Bronx Zoo.  The mission of the mini-school is to integrate the social and educational aspects of our students’ lives.

Giordano Prep

The Giordano Prep is the most rigorous and challenging min-school.  The program includes instruction in computers and ninth-grade Sequential Math.  The Prep seeks to give every opportunity to our students to become productive and successful in their academic endeavors.

Global Mini-School

The goal of the mini-school is to have students new to our country become familiar with American customs and traditions, while keeping their own cultural identity.

Law Institute

The Institute has the highest expectations for our students.  We believe that they will learn and become productive citizen. Students in this mini-school are exposed to world of the “Law”.  The concept of “Law” and what role this concept plays in our society is emphasized in this mini-school. 

Salvadori Mini-School

The theme of this mini-school is to create a literacy based environment that utilizes technology and computers.  The purpose of this theme assures that the students will grow academically and emotionally and that they realize the importance of  hard work.

Trailblazers Mini-School

The chosen theme by the students of the mini-school is “Westward Expansion.”  A major emphasis for the next two years will be on Native Americans.  The mini-school has adopted the motto “Trailblazers Lead The Way.”